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At Sunnova, our ongoing mission is to be the most reliable and efficient provider of carefree, low-cost solar power to homeowners. Our personalized “Solar as a Service” approach lets you enjoy all the benefits of a residential solar system without the expense of purchasing equipment or the responsibility of installation and maintenance. Let us handle the work. All you have to do is make a simple monthly payment. Discover the savings with Sunnova compared to your typical utility bill.

Sunnova’s service also benefits the environment. Avoid harmful by-products associated with the creation of traditional electricity. Solar power is a clean alternative that helps limit damaging greenhouse gasses. It’s pure, natural, plentiful and within your reach!

Solar Lease Agreement

Under a Solar Lease Agreement, you pay a flat rate each month. This option comes with a Production Guarantee. If for some reason your solar system does not produce the power that we estimate for your agreement, we will pay you the difference. Better yet, if your system produces more than anticipated, the power is yours to keep at no extra charge. Sunnova will continuously monitor the productivity of your system in order to ensure the best possible performance.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A PPA is a contract to purchase solar power at a pre-established rate per kilowatt. As with a Solar Lease Agreement, Sunnova handles all of the installation, monitoring and maintenance responsibilities at no cost to you. However, your monthly payment will be more variable than that of a lease, based specifically on the amount of solar energy your home uses. It’s a lot like paying your utility bill, only at a typically lower cost!

Solar Buyback


Sunnova gives you the affordability of solar power without the worry of ownership. We pay you cash for your solar system and then provide comprehensive solar coverage, including system monitoring, performance guarantee, warranty, maintenance and insurance, through our Solar Service Agreement. You simply make a fixed monthly lease payment and we take care of the rest. The system remains on your roof, but we own, monitor and maintain it.

When you sign up for solar service with Sunnova, you purchase power at a low, monthly price through the life of the agreement. We guaranty that the system will generate a minimum amount of power each year, and if it doesn't we'll reimburse you for the difference.

Read more about Solar Buyback here.

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